Friday, April 15, 2016

Share one file

Frequently I have two computers next to each other and I want to copy a file or directory from one to the other. What do you do? Mail it to yourself, sync it via some cloud service, set up samba? No just use woof (


A tiny python server that serves one file and then shuts down as soon as the file has been downloaded. (You can also share a directory as a tar archive).

Just do:
python 'file to share'

Enter the resulting URL e.g.:
in a web browser on the other machine
and voila.

NOTE: the computers need to be on the same network. + you need to be running linux/unix with python 2.7.x.

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  1. This is a helpful tip seems like! Although ofcourse cloud helps the best, but just for the sake of experiencing, i'll try this out too