Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jailbreaking Windows Phone 7.5 HTC Titan

I have a HTC Titan (X310e) which suddenly turned into garbage when it would only show a garbled home screen after having the screen turned off once (Everything looked fine after reboot). Also all my email "apps" were missing and I could not access anything social (People, or settings about People og social networks).

After lots of Googling, I gave up on finding a solution online. I decided to delete everything on the phone and jailbreak it (since vanilla WP7 didn't have any backup functions anyways).

I followed this tutorial:
So thanks to dragonide from XDA Developers.

The tutorial was good, but I'll add some minor details that might be useful:
  • Download files from:
    DFT Eternity 24 langs Freedom V1 Pearl Edition.7z:
  • Turn off your phone and disconnect it from the computer.
  • Remove your SIM card.
  • Hold volume up and down then press power. continue holding the volume buttons.
  • When you see green text on white background with for example version PI39100
    Radio 17.0...
    ..., you are in SPL. It should also say "Serial" about 2/3 of the way down the screen
  •  Connect to computer with USB. you might have to try different USB ports. Check"Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" in the system tray; My phone came up as Titan USB Sync on some ports, in that case flashing failed with 264 and 266 errors. (See for explanation of errors). When it came up as Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM on a port, flashing worked fine.
  • Unpack DFT__HSPL_WP7SG1.rar using for example 7-Zip (, just right click the file and select open archive.
  • Run \DFT_HSPL_WP7SG1\1_SPL205\TITAN\ROMUpdateUtility.exe and follow instructions (takes about 1 min).
  •  You should see the progress bar in parallel on both the computer and the phone.
  • When complete, the phone reboots. Hold the volume buttons until you enter SPL. Notice that it now says "HSPL2.5.160015.3 (137079)" and "Radio-" (Radio was 17... before flashing on my phone).
  • Run \DFT_HSPL_WP7SG1\2_HSPL\DFT_HSPL_WP7SG1_INSTALL.exe and follow instructions (install HSPL) (takes about 1 min).
  • Phone will reboot after flashing. When rebooting, hold volume to enter SPL.
  •  Unpack DFT Eternity 24 langs Freedom V1 Pearl Edition.7z.
  •  Run \DFT Eternity 24 langs Freedom V1 Pearl Edition\ROMUpdateUtility.exe and follow instructions (takes about 10 min).
  • After completing flashing the phone will reboot and probably hang/freeze on boot (just showing the HTC logo). Reboot phone (just hold the power button or remove the battery). Hold volume buttons to enter SPL.
  • Unpack RUU_ETERNITY_Radio_Signed_17.5006.08.27_17.
  • Run \RUU_ETERNITY_Radio_Signed_17.5006.08.27_17.08.50.06\ROMUpdateUtility.exe (takes less than 1 minute).
  • After flashing, the phone reboots, hold volume buttons to enter SPL and check that Radio is now 17.5006.08.27
  • Turn off the phone (remove the battery).
  • Put your SIM card back in.
  • Power on the phone like normal and go through the Windows Phone 7 setup process.
  • Enjoy jailbroken WP7.
Note: My system is a Windows 7 machine, things may differ on your system.

Images of what you should expect to see (sorry for the blur):

Thanks to Sources: