Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Firebug Autocomplete annoying with jQuery

Firebug is a great tool for web developers to debug webpages.

If you have installed the latest update from Firefox' Add-ons menu and tried to write jQuery commands into the console/command line of firebug you might have run across an annoying problem.

Firebug tries to autocomplete $, $(, $(', etc. adding $ and completing ' after the next character. Basically you have to keep hitting escape or delete to write your jQuery statement.

This problem is luckily fixed in the latest beta release. It is not available through the add-on menu in Firefox, but can be downloaded directly from the Firebug website. So head over to and download it.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Windows 7 middle click mouse doesn't close tabs

In Firefox on Windows 7, closing tabs by clicking on them with the middle mouse button doesn't work. You only get the Alt+Tab 'window' to switch between programs.

To fix this:
- Go to Control Panel
- Select 'Hardware and Sound'
- Select 'Mouse' under 'Devices and Printers'
- In the drop-down box for 'Wheel button' change it from 'Flip' to 'Middle-click'
- Press OK

This should now enabling closing tabs with clicking the middle mouse button.

Sound cut-off in Deus Ex 1

Playing the old classic on Windows 7 gave me some trouble with speech being cut of about 1 second before it should have finished.

Read a few places about this problem and some suggestions about changing latency to 46 or 60 (in the deusex.ini file in the deusex/system folder), but this didn't work for me.

Changing from using Direct3D Support to OpenGL as the video device did.
Here is how:
- Open 'Deus Ex Safe Mode' from start menu
- Select 'Change your 3D video device'
- Select 'show all devices'
- Select 'OpenGL Support' and press next
- Accept settings suggestion (can be changed in-game later)

If this doesn't work for you, here are some forums with suggestions for how to get it to work with Direct3D: (since DeusEx runs on the Unreal rendering engine)