Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Framebuffer screen dumps to PNG and back

I've got a nice card with an Atmel AVR32 processor and a nice big 320x240 (monochrome!) screen. :)
I can put data on the screen from buildroot linux by writing directly to the framebuffer, /dev/fb0. However the data there is in raw format. Here is how to dump from screen. Then convert, using ffmpeg, the raw data to a PNG and then back to raw data after editing:

  1. Get a screenshot of the framebuffer using cat /dev/fb0 > screendump.bin.
  2. Convert to PNG using ffmpeg: ffmpeg   -vcodec rawvideo   -f rawvideo   -pix_fmt monow   -s 320x240   -i screendump.bin     -f image2   -vcodec png screendump.png
    This will read raw video from the screendump.bin, handle it as pixel monochrome data from a 320x240 screen and save as sreendump PNG file.
  3. Next, open in Gimp or similar to edit. Save as PNG afterwards.
  4. Convert to rawvideo binary again using ffmpeg: ffmpeg -vcodec png -i savedimage.png -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt monow savedimage.bin
  5. Put the data on the screen: cat savedimage.bin > /dev/fb0
Use ffmpeg -pix_fmts to see other raw video types to convert from/to.

Sources: Check out these great sites for more:

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