Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dynamics 2.0 ROM on HTC Titan WP7

My Marketplace app didn't work, so I figured I'd install a Custom ROM on my HTC Titan phone. After a bit of googling I found:

Dynamics 2.0 (
Eburon (
HTC Titan 7.8 Sianto Edition AL (

Also I found that I already had DFT Eternity 24 langs Freedom V1 Pearl Edition ( installed from my jailbreaking

I decided to try Dynamics 2.0. Here's how I did it:
  1. Get the prerequisites. 
    1. Details:
      Download: (1MB) 
    2. Download and Install: 
      1. Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) ( (Might already be installed if you have Windows 7 or newer). 
      2. Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 (
        Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010 ( (?MB) with Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010 Service Pack 1 ( (450MB)
        If you already have it installed and the trial has expired, don't worry a license is free, all you have to do is register. I used VS Express 2010. 
      3. Windows Phone 7.1 SDK ( (500MB) 
  2. Backup user content. 
    1. Download WPBackup
    2. Run backup 
      1. Usage instructions: 
      2. Unpack the rar file to a location of your choice. 
      3. Start Zune (can't remember if I had to quit Zune before backing up or not, might want to try that if WPBackup doesn't start). 
      4. Connect your phone and sync it with Zune.  
      5. Start WMDC on your phone (don't quit it while backing up). Press Run and get IP, doesn't matter what it is, if you don't get an IP follow the instructions on the forum (worked fine for me on the first try). 
      6. Start WPBackup. If no program window shows, you are missing some prerequisite or Zune or WMDC. 
      7. Press connect in WPBackup 
      8. Follow instructions in WPBackup to backup whatever you want. 
  3. Install Dynamics ROM. 
    1. Download ROM and instructions.
      Details: and
      Download: (450MB) 
    2. Install ROM 
      1. Disconnect your phone from the USB cable and turn it off. Press both volume buttons and then while pressing, turn the phone on. Wait for the SPL to show (bootloader showing statistics). 
      2. Connect the USB cable and wait for the text 'Serial' to change to 'USB' on the phone. 
      3. Make sure that the phone is connected as Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM on your PC. 
      4. Unpack the rar file to a location of your choice. 
      5. Start TitanAdvancedRUU.exe and select regular RUU and  Dynamics_2.0_Titan.nbh, then press Next. 
      6. Check the 'I've read the readme' box and press next. 
      7. Check 'I completed the steps indicated above' and press next.
      8. Press the 'Update' button. You should get a view saying "From Image Version: To Image Version: 4.06.401.03". 
      9. Press Next. 
      10. Press Next. 
      11. Wait for the ROM to be installed. The phone will reboot and let you go through the standard WP7 setup. 
  4. Restore backup 
    1. Start Zune and set up phone there. 
    2. Start WMDC on your phone, press run. 
    3. Start WPBackup on your computer, press connect. 
    4. Select restore. Select what you want to restore (Restore seems to work even though it says "Please, setup Live account first!"). 
    5. Restore 
      1. Install the apps you want from the restore (your phone will show the Marketplace page for each app), then go back to WMDC and press OK in WPBackup. 
    6. Reboot phone
Note: You should restore the backup before setting up any accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, or Yahoo. If you don't, restored contacts and SMSes that are duplicates of the ones downloaded from your accounts will be read only and show up twice (in the case of contacts). Very annoying.

Good luck! Hopefully it will work smoothly for you. :) If you have problems, just add a comment or ask at the forums. :)

Below are some screenshots from my process.

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