Sunday, March 13, 2011

Firefox mouse pad move back in history

In firefox holding down shift and then swiping left, with two fingers, on your mouse pad will move you back in browsing history. This can be very annoying, especially if you just finished filling in a form and the hold shift and reach to the left the captialize the first letter of you name for signing (e.g. the H in Herikstad).

To disable this back action in firefox do the following:
Enter about:config into the url line.
Accept the warning.
Enter mousewheel.withshiftkey.action into the filter at the top of the page. You should get one line with the same name and the value set to 2.
Right click the line and change the value to 0.

Other values you can set for this field is:
* 0 - Scroll document by a number of lines (given by the numlines property)
* 1 - Scroll document by one page
* 2 - Move back/forward in history
* 3 - Make text larger/smaller
* 4 - Scroll document by a number of pixels (given by the numlines property)
Thanks to and for those.

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