Saturday, November 13, 2010

Workaround for Ubuntu install hangs on forward button

Have you tried installing Ubuntu using the official guide where you create a Live/Install USB using Universal USB Installer in Windows? Did the install not continue after pressing continue when selecting language or when selecting keyboard layout?

This seems to be because of gparted/parted not being able to start. It affects installing from Ubuntu 10.4-netbook 10.10-netbook, and 10.10-desktop.

A workaround is to create the Live/Install USB in Ubuntu.

You will need two USB drives (including the one you created in windows).

Start the Live session, get a copy of the iso you put on the USB onto the computer (either from a different machine or download it). Open the startup disk creator in you Ubuntu Live session (System->Administration->Startup Disk Creator). Select the iso file and the other USB drive.
Create the startup disk. Shut down, remove the USB created in windows. Start up using the USB created in Ubuntu to boot from. Install from the USB created in Ubuntu. The forward button should now work.

Sources: A Ubuntu bug report that I cannot find again. Please tell me if you have seen it so I can give credit.

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