Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sending images in MMS messages with Froyo on Nexus One

Upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo and suddenly can't send images in MMS messages? (Mine just said Sending in the message view and never changed to Sent)
The problem could likely be that the images are too large to be sent (carriers usually have a max limit on image size or upload is so slow the it can't finish with a large image) and Froyo dosen't resize the image like 2.1 Eclair did.

To send images you need to crop them first. This will create a new image from a subsection of the original. (Not destroy the image being cropped tho). Do like this:

Open Gallery and open the image you want to send. Press the More button and choose Crop. Select the portion of the image you want and press Save.
You will now have the original plus a new smaller image.

Then, for the new image, do like usual, press Share and Messaging or choose Menu and Attach from inside a message.


  1. i did cropping the pic, and still it never been sent

  2. Hmm, sorry to hear that.
    Have you had any luck since then?

    Maybe you could try to crop the cropped image. I have read that different carriers have different limits on how much you can send.

    You might also want to check with you carrier on what MMS settings you should use. What you APN access points should look like. (Settings -> Wireless & network settings -> Mobile network settings -> Access Point Names)

    Also, I have to turn on data roaming to send MMSes with my Norwegian carrier, so you could try.

    Good luck. :)